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First let me start by saying I have owned many Kimber hand guns and have never had a problem. For this reason, I just purchased a factory new Kimber KHX Ultra 9mm hand gun.

On my first trip to the indoor gun range to put the first hundred rounds through my new gun. The range ammo was 115gr ball ammo.

I did not even make it through the first mag and the gun started to jam. A round would fire but not eject and the next round would try to feed hitting the back of the fired round. This happened on every 2nd to 3rd round.

I though that maybe the 115gr was not hot enough to properly cycle the gun. I moved to a 124gr round. It made no difference. Very bummed out. Came home and called Kimber. They said they have had no issues with this model and to send it back.

I chose to try a few different types of new ammo to see if it made a difference. I also took all five mags with me in case I had a bad mag the first time.

We shot Kimber 9mm ammo today and the same exact thing happened. All mags used but the same result. I have never experienced this with any other hand gun.

To make it worse the fiber optic insert on the rear site come out and flew back when the slide locked back.

I will be sending it back to Kimber for their inspection and repairs/replacement.

I have added a few photos of the gun and actual miss feeds.

There were three different shooters and 5 different brand and grains of ammo used.

I have been shooting for 30+ years in all different calibers and 1,000's of rounds. First multiple malfunction experience. Hoping Kimber will resolve quickly. I will post updates on their response and resolve.

Stay safe,


Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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